A Remarkable, London Souvenir

There are few souvenirs and gifts that can truly capture the history and character of London. In 2008, we started researching remarkable maps from the 16th to 19th Century from legendary explorers and cartographers such as Joan Blaeu, Captain James Cook, Joseph Cross, Edward Weller, and Ralph Agas. Drawing qualities and inspiration from city maps by British cartographers of the early 1800s, we created the Grand Map of London.

Travellers London Map

Old Canvas London Map on Wellingtons Travel Table

The paper version of the Grand Map of London is perfect for travellers. Although it can be framed and used for home-decor, its quality and permanence is not like that of the wall maps. This map is designed for portability and exploring and is printed on coarse paper as a homage to the olden maps. A perfect gift for those travelling to London.
Travellers Map
Price: £18.99
Material: Paper
Dimension: 87 x 51 cm
Year: 2012
Total Remaining: 23

Contact us priority shipping quotes. This map is printed on coarse heavy paper and suitable for a souvenir or gift.

Our contemporary world and traditional cartography in one lovely image.
- Time Out

And while this year's Olympic visitors might not need a paper map to find their way around town, they might well be tempted to take one of these home to stick on their wall.
- Completely London